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Learning Data Science in a humorous way.

Check out how to display only the data you want on the screen.

Following the idea of displaying some of the results of my project, I started searching for some platform that would help me do it, my only restriction was to be able to display Seaborn and Plotly plots. But the problem was, the best choice to do what I was looking for was Dash, however, it only works with Plotly, enters Streamlit.

Streamlit is a framework where you can display your data into apps, it’s a very user-friendly library and interface, and can make you get the hang of coding and deploying your results in a way that people can easily…

Analyzing data to build a machine learning model

Today we will talk about my first project and the first iteration I did to predict if a client would subscribe to a term deposit from his/her information and figure out how that would come.

I got this data set from UCI Machine Learning Repository, and this data set was available from this article Moro et al., 2014, which used other kinds of tools to predict the subscription. …

A beginner perspective.

So I used Kaggle courses to learn some basics around data science, as a beginner using this approach to get going with my projects is the best way. So I did 3 courses so far, Data Cleaning, Intro to Machine Learning, and Intermediate Machine Learning, they are very fast courses, so it’s a good project for your weekend if you have some isolation to do.

So this is going to be my review of what I learned and what I felt while learning, so as I said I’m a beginner, so why should you keep reading? …

How was my approach to the first time coding with this tool?

Continuing with my saga of solving a book about statistics for business, today we will talk about my first approach to using a Machine Learning tool along with the book exercises. It’s really not a big complex problem-solving exercise, it’s fairly simple, but, there are some key things I got into and really wanted to share here with you.

So if you didn’t read my older texts, I highly recommend you, you can find them here. And I’m going with the book Statistic for Business and Economics by David R. Anderson, Dennis J. Sweeney, and Thomas A. …

This is a follow-up to my last publication, about learning business statistics in order to find a data science job, if you didn’t read my first post, please check it in here.

So, this text will cover the contents of the first and half of the second chapter of the book Statistic for Business and Economics by David R. Anderson, Dennis J. Sweeney, and Thomas A. Williams, if you want to check out I’m going with the eleventh edition.

Before we start with my biggest learnings I would like to tell you something that I been thinking about this during…

So for my first text here in Medium, I’d like to start with an idea I had some weeks ago, and tell you guys about what I’ve been learning from it. Well, I gave away in the title what I’m up to, but some background is actually necessary.

Some Background

Last year I worked in an NGO and got into a manager role, my job was basically to guarantee that sales were going the right path, which I did the best I could, but with a clear feeling that selling was not my thing, soon I had to drive some really basic…

Rômulo Peixoto

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